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Emily is a visual designer
using creative solutions to innovate
and build user-centric experiences.
Currently studying at Alberta University of Arts (AuArts) 
Recipe Book
01 –––––––––– Motion, UX
A horticulture app that tracks a user’s indoor garden and keeps the user up to date on plant care and maintenance.
02 –––––––––– Book Layout, Digital Print
Memories of Naanii
A cookbook based on content by Vikas Khanna.
03 –––––––––– Information Design, Data Mapping
Winter 2020 Solstice
An illustrated infographic based on fitness routine data.
04 –––––––––– Package Design
The Kind Bar
Packaging redesign for Kind bars as a unified series.
05 –––––––––– Digital Design
WERK Event Promotion
Samples of digital media design for WERK Drag Events.
06 –––––––––– Digital Display
Long Daze Inc. product display design for record crates.
Data Map
Chalk Crate
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